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Here at Hana beauty clinic we aim to deliver top quality treatments, in our relaxed and comfortable surroundings. Using the finest skin care products and therapists trained to the highest standards we are sure your time at Hana will be one to remember.



Facial Treatments
See also 'hana spa rituals'

Facials listed here use Guinot skin care products, suitable for all skin types.

Beauty Flash Facial 25mins £25

A "pick me up facial", skin is cleansed, dead skin cells are sloughed off and a vitalising mask leaves skin radiant.

Hydraclean Facial 30mins £30

A deep cleansing 30 minute treatment. Perfectly cleansed skin throgh the combination of machine-based technology with a relaxing hands-on massage to rid the skin of toxins whilst helping to restore radiance. An ideal facial for younger clients with problem skins.

Radiance Facial 40mins £36.50

Similar to the Beauty Flash facial, but relaxing and nourishing oils are massaged into the face, neck and shoulders to leave the skin radiant.

Aromatic Facial 45mins £45.00

A luxurious facial including a wonderfully relaxing essential oil massage and bespoke mask which leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated.Includes a hand and arm massage.

hydra peel facial 50mins £65

A deep peeling facial, exfoliates gently with fruit acids to leave skin radiant and soft.

Course of 3 £165 

Lift Summum facial 50mins £70

A firming, plumping and smoothing facial. The use of papaya extract in the exfoliation will brighten the complexion.  Following this is a firming and lifting massage routine which prevents slackening of the skin and improves skin elasticity. Hyauronic acid is then worked into the problem areas to plump and fill the wrinkles.  The face and decollete masks are then applied while a hand and arm massage is performed.

Age Summum 50mins £68

The ultimate anti-ageing manual treatment. This facial will regenerate, firm and restore radiance. The four phase treatment includes a dermabrasion exfoliating cream, regenerating anti-ageing serum with pure vitamin C, an anti-ageing facial massage and an active pro-collagen mask.

Course of 3 treatments £155

Hydradermie2 Facial 1hr 10mins £58

A deep cleansing and hydrating facial suitable for all skin types. This facial uses galvanic and high frequency currents to cleanse pores and purify the skin.

Cellular Energy Age Logic Facial 1hr 15 mins £77

Guinots NEW revolutionary machine provides the alternative to aesthetic medicine. A bespoke treatment based on your skins needs this treatment visibly rejuvinates the skin giving immeadiate results. Skin is revitalised while lines and wrinkles are smoothed.

Cellular Energy Age Logic Delux 1hr 30mins £97

This facial combines both the Cellular Energy Age Logic with the Express Lift.

Cellular Energy Express Lift 30mins £53

The perfect facial to see visable results when time is of the essence. Using electrodes lymphatic drainage is followed by muscle stimulation. The face is left firmed and toned with immediate results.

course of 3 £140

course of 10 £477

Cellular Energy Lift Intensive 55mins £69

All the draining and lifting effects of the Express Lift, however more intensive results can be obtained through two 'rounds' of stimulation. A relaxing massage using specialised anti-aging serums is followed by a nourishing face mask.

Cellular Energy Eye Logic 40 mins £57

Treating all the problems associated with the eye area. Puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced with this fabulous treatment.

course of 3 £140